Support Rida's recovery from spinal cord injury

Rida Mawla is a dear friend of mine, a bitcoiner, my football teammate for years, a talented musician, and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. I am devastated by the news that he suffered a spinal cord injury. If you are able to help in any way you can, please donate with bitcoin at the link below, or with fiat to his gofundme.

From Rida's GoFundMe page

Our dear friend and forever-activist Rida is determined to reclaim his independence and recover from a paralysing spinal cord injury. While diving into deceptive waters, Rida's head hit a rock formation which fractured his spine and resulted in immediate loss of movement and sensation in most of his body below his neck. Rida's rehabilitation journey will be a long one, and adapting to the necessary lifestyle changes will carry financial strain.

We aim to raise €150,000 [updated to €300,000]* to contribute to Rida's initial rehabilitation phase (~4-6 months). This first phase is likely to be the most crucial, and Rida will be transported from Lebanon to be admitted at a specialised centre in Europe or the US. We are currently in ongoing discussions with the medical team and various facilities, and we will keep everyone informed once the family decides on the best option.

If you would like to discuss additional ways of supporting or transferring money, particularly for those in Lebanon, feel free to contact us through phone or WhatsApp at + 961 3 080093 (Roy D.)

*The fundraising amount on gonfdunme has been raised from the initital €150,000 to €300,000

More details about the situation

Rida is suffering from a C5-C8 fracture causing an incomplete cervical spinal cord injury that took away his ability to control his movements. He has already undergone surgery at AUBMC, Beirut and will soon be entering the first phase of an extensive rehabilitation process.

As his friends, we're determined to do everything we can to ensure that our Rida (aka Bilo) gets the best chance to regain control over his body. Fortunately, Rida's insurance and family support have covered his basic needs and allowed him to undergo spinal cord surgery and be hospitalised since then. But the rehabilitation costs and life adjustments will be insurmountable, especially as the accident affected all his limbs.

Based on our estimates, we require €500,000 over the next 18 months. Our fundraising goal is to cover the expenses for Rida's first rehabilitation phase, which will take place at a specialised centre outside Lebanon:

  • Medical transportation to Europe or US
  • Admission fees as an inpatient into a specialised neurorehabilitation centre
  • Caregiver/nurse
  • Accommodation for supporting family expenses at and during rehab
  • Medical equipment such as a custom wheelchair
  • Ongoing medical treatment and related medicine

Funds will be put at the disposal of Rida and his family and will be used to unlock access to the optimal specialised rehabilitation centre. We will keep all supporters of this page updated on Rida's progress, and if you need more information, please contact the organisers. Your contribution to his medical expenses will enable Rida to receive top-notch care, hopefully attain self-care independence, and increase his chances of a full recovery.

Rida is...

a musician, a performer, a wanderer, a surfer, a ski enthusiast, a financial consultant, an explorer, a poet, a science aficionado, and a dancer.

Your contribution will have a significant impact, much like Einstein's "spooky action at a distance", one of Rida's favourite inspirations. We're forever grateful you're joining his journey.

Love, Rida's friends