97. Bitcoin Strategy with Michael Saylor

This seminar hosts Microstrategy CEO and bitcoin mega-bull Michael Saylor to discuss the correct strategies for buying, holding, and promoting bitcoin. Michael explains what he sees as increasing regulatory clarity around bitcoin and increasing risk around altcoins, which it is becoming clear are digital securities, while bitcoin is digital property. We discuss his views on the adoption of bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, and whether it presents bitcoin as more of a currency than a property, and what the global ramifications of this move are. Michael then explains the correct strategy and execution for acquiring bitcoin on debt without getting ruined; he also explains the correct bitcoin strategy for small businesses, and whether individual investors are better off buying bitcoin or mining it. Michael also discusses his views on whether we should think of bitcoin as digital property, digital gold, digital money, or digital energy. We also try to convince Michael to write a book with his ideas!
Do not miss this fantastic, hugely informative, and wide-ranging discussion!


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