145. Ponzi hunting with Dylan Leclair

Bitcoin Magazine market analyst Dylan Leclair joins us for an in-depth discussion of the many ponzi schemes and failed financial institutions of our times, and how he identified the problems with them in his prescient writings. Dylan discusses the many red flags and structural problems with Luna/UST, Three Arrows Capital, Celsius, Blockfi, FTX, and Genesis, and why so many people refuse to see the warning signs and seem to want to fall victim for anything that offers them the holy grail of “yield.” We conclude with Dylan’s view on the bond market, why he successfully predicted the recent crash in bonds, what his expectations are for the fiat market moving forward, and what the lessons of crypto ponzis have to teach us about fiat and its ponzis.

References (All links available on saifedean.com/podcast/145-ponzi-hunting-with-dylan-leclair)

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