143. Macro Myths with Coinbits' Rowais Hanna

Rowais Hanna operates Coinbits' Twitter account, and has used it to publish fascinating in-depth investigations into the common myths of modern macroeconomics. He joins us to discuss the Consumer Price Index, how it is calculated, and the endless justifications used to adjust it. We also discuss the mythical origins of the 2% inflation target, and the trade-off between unemployment and inflation, and why supposedly empirical economists refuse to ever admit it is invalid. Rowais also discusses why he views bitcoin as the only way out of this mess, and how Coinbits helps onboard newcomers to bitcoin in a smooth and easy-to-understand way. We conclude with a discussion of Rowais' thoughts on bitcoin through a Biblical lens.

References (All links available on saifedean.com/podcast/143-macro-myths-with-coinbits-rowais-hanna)

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