Would your Bitcoin company like to be part of
The Bitcoin Standard Toolkit?

My first book, The Bitcoin Standard, was instrumental in popularizing the idea that bitcoin is an alternative to central banks. Two years after its publication, my book had its best month of sales in May 2020, as this message resonates with more and more people. Since the book’s publication, I have been constantly receiving questions from my readers about bitcoin businesses and services, many of which I have not had time to study and assess. 

So I am looking to establish formal relationships with a few select bitcoin companies spanning the range of bitcoin products, so I can study their work closely, and recommend it widely. Specifically, I am looking to establish an exclusive partnership with one company from each line of service to recommend as part of a new package: The Bitcoin Standard Toolkit: The complete central bank replacement pack.

Having escaped the ravages of the recent hyperinflation in Lebanon by using bitcoin as an alternative to the local central bank, I intend to offer a package of products to my readers that gives them all they need so they can be ready for all of their local central bank’s failure modes, wherever they are in the world.

The Bitcoin Standard Central Bank Replacement Kit will include a combination of some of the most popular and useful bitcoin products and services, such as hardware wallets, seed storage devices, exchanges, miners, and more.

The first company to be part of The Bitcoin Standard Toolkit is NYDIG, the New York Digital Investment Group, with whom I’ve had longstanding relationship.

What your company gets by joining:

I am also open to your suggestions on other arrangements. If interested in discussing this more, please email me through the form below.

All the best,

Saifedean Ammous